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GHeroes as the XM Studios European Master Distributor together with Semic is excited to announce our first convention in europe for 2019. Come and visit the most important event of the international toy industry, the Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg 2019. Held from January 30th to February 3rd we will be there to present our statues to the european collectors. The Spielwarenmesse® is a specialised trade fair. For this reason, admission tickets can only be purchased if you are a registered trade professional. Persons under 16 years of age will not be admitted – excluding children up to the age of 6 months accompanied by an approved fair participant.  

The Spielwarenmesse® in Nuremberg, Germany is the world’s leading fair for the toy industry with over 2,902 exhibitors from 68 nations present their product highlights each year. More than 70,000 trade visitors from 130 nations. A mix of market leaders and start-ups ensures unique variety across the 170,000 m² exhibition space. Admission is restricted solely to companies trading in the branches represented at the toy fair. But the town has much more. Nuremberg is the toy city. Besides the goings-on at the trade fair, the picturesque old town offers special events relating to play and the city’s history. Business partners enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the numerous bars & restaurants after the trade fair. Around 90% of the more than 70,000 visitors intend to return to Nuremberg again in 2019. After all, a handshake is worth more than any number of emails here in the regular meeting place for old friends and new business partners!

XM Studios - Handcrafted Luxury Collectibles
Our pieces are crafted and painted painstakingly one at a time by experienced hands not machines. These artisans are carefully selected, trained to exact standards by the XM founders constantly. We respect and pay artisans accordingly because our collectors deserves artisan pieces, not cost-effective factory mass produced products. That’s why a XM piece holds its value well.

XM Studios - Premium Collectibles
XM™ is an award-winning producer of hand crafted luxury art collectibles. Sourcing only the finest artisans, experienced sculptors, renowned painters with contributions from the most discerning collector communities, XM endeavours to create only the most outstanding original work of art. We strive to perfect the most important element - the collecting experience itself.

XM Studios - Designed to Inspire
Thick and sturdy faux leather packaging with protective metal corners. Hassle-free Velcro straps for easy and reusable handling. Individually serial coded pieces that you can call your own. Display centerpieces that tell a story and emotion. Importantly, we are inspired by the collectors community; our work shaped by the collaborative voice of collectors. A XM piece is more than a collectible, it’s art.

  With the first event in 2019 we are at the Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg 2019. You can see in person the new XM Batman Shogun 1/4 Statue from the Knight of the Rising Sun line. Another highlight will be at Nuremberg 2019 the David Finch - XM Batman Sanity 1/6 Statue. A piece total of 12 characters and specially designed by David Finch in collaboration with XM Studios. GHeroes and XM Studios will show you also from Narin the XM Predator 1/3 Statue and new XM Alien 1/3 Statue. Much more to see!

For DC Premium Collectibles and beside the David Finch - XM Batman Sanity 1/6 Statue there is many more on display from XM Studios. The unique Knight of the Rising Sun line comes with the Exclusive XM Deathstroke 1/4 Statue. Same line and a feisty female member of the Bat family, XM Batgirl 1/4 Statue. Another female heroe is the XM Catwoman 1/4 Statue, the sassy master thief. You need an big villain, here comes XM Bane 1/4 Statue for Nuremberg. From the new DC 1/6 line you can take a look on the Justice League with the XM Wonder Woman 1/6 Statue, XM Superman 1/6 Statue and XM Aquaman 1/6 Statue.

We finish our presentation with the XM Red Power Ranger 1/4 Statue and present you the iconic team leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! We wish you all a lot of fun with us in germany. You are welcome here.
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We like to present you the Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg 2019 Convention PreOrder List, In Stock List and Order Form. We will have all documents directly at our booth at Nuremberg. We'll see you at the convention!
Spielwarenmesse 2019 Map

The Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg 2019 from January 30th to February 3rd will take place at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. The exhibition space from 180,000 m² display and up to 50,000 m² outdoor area divided into 16 Exhibition Halls, including 1 multi-purpose hall was offered last year to over 70.000 visitors

To find our booth A-63 at Nuremberg 2019 we have for you a Overview Map which shows our Hall 7. As you can see on the second detail map our booth A-63 is at the end from Hall 7 near the entrance to Hall 7A. Please use the linked Interactive Hall Plan to find more information on every hall like we showed on our second Detail Hall 7 map. Visit us at the Hall 7 on booth A-63, you are welcome here!

Groundplan: Interactive Hall Plan Spielwarenmesse 2019 - Details for every Hall

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