PreOrder & Versanddaten

PreOrder & Shipping Dates

Depending on factors such as time of receipt of printed pieces from factories and community feedback which may result in rework and planned with Licensors, we announce actual PO dates 2 weeks in advance when we are very sure. This is to avoid changing the PO dates frequently which we understand can be an inconvenience. We still have some way to go before we can present the information collectors want. For now, we've managed to confirm the following POs.

NOTE: Our PreOrder dates are based on GERMAN TIMEZONE at 19 o´clock evening on Wednesdays.


Characters PreOrder Dates ESt. Shipping SG Arrives in Europe
XM Shibumi Closed TBC TBC
XM Mary Jane Diorama Available TBC TBC
XM Beta Ray Bill Available Now shipping TBC
XM Black Cat Available Now shipping Mid December
XM Red Skull Available Now shipping Mid December
XM Magdalena Available TBC TBC
XM Carnage Available TBC TBC
XM Winter Soldier Available TBC TBC
XM Lizard Bust Available TBC TBC
XM Moon Knight Available TBC TBC
XM Spider Gwen Available TBC TBC
Upcoming Characters PreOrder Dates License / Scale Edition Size
XM Poison Ivy 29 Nov 2017 DC 1/4 MTO
XM Weapon X 06 Dec 2017 Marvel 1/4 999
XM Catwoman 13 Dec 2017 DC 1/4 MTO
XM Storm 20 Dec 2017 Marvel 1/4 MTO
XM Bane 27 Dec 2017 DC 1/4 MTO