Frequently Asked Questions




  Where can GHEROES ship?
Our licenses allow us a sales area for the whole of Europe. We can therefore send our articles to any country in the 28 member states of the European Union. Including the 4 EFTA countries Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.
  Can I change the website language?
As XM Studios Official EU Master Distributor, we supply the entire EU and have therefore created the website in English and German. On the one hand, English is the cornerstone for uniform communication and the order process from all EU countries. On the other hand in German as it is our location and for the information such as AGB's for our customers.

You can easily change the language of your choice at the top of the site next to the Login:

  What payment methods are available?
For secure shopping, we offer the following payment methods:

Our preferred and simplest method of payment within Europe is the prepayment / bank transfer using IBAN and BIC. For this payment method you get receive 1% discount on the item price. For the transfer you will receive from us all important payment information of the invoice with an e-mail. As soon as the invoice amount has been credited to your account, the order will be sent. The payment method is suitable for deliverable and pre-ordered items. Pre-Orders require a deposit and you will also receive an invoice by e-mail from us.

At the same time we offer you the fast payment via PayPal. Orders for pre-orders items with deposit, in stock as well as the difference in pre-orders between the deposit and the final amount can be paid with PayPal. You will receive a PayPal payment request by e-mail as soon as the article is available. After the invoice amount has been received from your PayPal account, the item will be sent.
  Does the price include customs duties?
We receive our articles directly from XM Studios in Singapore. The import of these items includes any official duties that arise. Therefore, no additional costs are incurred for the customer inside europe except for shipping.
  EU Sales Tax Reform 2021
On July 1st, 2021, the EU sales tax reform 2021 came into force for online shops that sell across the EU. This means that we have to display and calculate the VAT of the respective country of delivery for our articles. We are also obliged to pay these in the respective country.

For items open for Pre-Order with a Deposit or Full Payment under the Purchase Option, the conversion to EU countries should be emphasized. The amounts in the item details refer to the German VAT at 19% and are adjusted for EU countries with different VAT in the shopping cart. The EU sales tax reform 2021 will not change anything for Switzerland and England, both will remain excluded from VAT.

With immediate effect 35,00 Euros have to be charged for custom declaration papers next to the due freight for all non EU countries with a purchase value over 1000,00 Euros net regular freight charges included. We add these cost on the shipping cost at the checkout.
  What does the PO Period and MTO mean?
With the start of the year 2018, XM Studios will also open the new Pre-Order mechanics MTO at the same time. The abbreviation MTO stands for "Made-to-Order", which determines the limitation of the statue. This limitation starts at the same time as the official pre-order date. Within this period, the final orders of a statue located on MTO will be consolidated by XM Studios and the distributors all around the world. After the limitation is finalized, no further numbers would be awarded and the pre-order were closed undisputedly. The information about the PO Period and if a particular statue is on MTO can be found in the article in the details.
  What does the PreOrder Metal Plaques mean?
Based on feedback from collectors, we've made adjustments to the way our Early Bird Metal Plaque can be redeemed.This creates a transparency which now enables collectors to recognize whether they are entitled to a Metal Plaque.With the launch of the PreOrder of the XM Iron Spider-Man 1/4 statue, the Metal Plaque is only available online for orders within 4 days after the official order date of XM Studios and at selected XM Studios conventions where certain products come before the official online-order open for pre-order on site.

The official PreOrder of the statue opens on Day 0. In the following 4 Days from Thursday to Sunday, collectors have time to place their pre-order if they want to receive their statue with the Metal Plaque. The Day 5, beginning on Monday, July 27th, 00:00 o´clock (German Time Zone), marks the end of the opportunity to receive a pre-order with a Metal Plaque.

Example XM Iron Spider-Man 1/4 statue
1. Day 0 : Official PreOrder start : 26.07.20 17:00 o´clock
2. Day 1-4 : PreOrder Metal Plaque period to Sunday
3. Day 5 : No Metal Plaque from 27.07.20 00:00 o´clock
4. PreOrder of the statue still possible
  What means the Full Payment option 3%?
The immediate full payment of an item for pre-order means a 3% discount on the item price. Please choose the option Full Payment (3% Discount) under the Purchase Option. The price of the article with the deduction of the 3% discount appears directly above the shopping cart. After the order you will receive an additional e-mail with all invoicing information for the payment of the full payment of an item on pre-order. The shipping costs are to be paid shortly before the shipment of the article and are also requested by us with an e-mail.

Example XM Iron Spider 1/4 statue
1. Original price 1199,00 EUR
2. Discount 3% on full payment
3. New price 1163,00 EUR
  What means the Deposit of an item?
The deposit refers only to items in the Pre-Order status. Items which are in stock do not require a deposit. For the Pre-Order, you can choose between the points Deposit and Full Payment under the Purchase Option. The former requires only the amount of the Deposit listed and the balance later, while the Full Payment allows them 3% Discount on the price of the item. After the order you will receive an additional e-mail with all invoicing information for the payment. In both cases the remaining amount including shipping costs is to be paid shortly before the dispatch of the article and is also requested by us with an e-mail.
  What means the interest list of an article?
At this point you can secure your interest in the item and the notification of a future PreOrder. The Interest List refers to articles that have been presented in news or events, but have not yet been officially announced for PreOrder.

Entries on the Interest List of a future PreOrder are processed normally via the shopping cart. If the article has been released by us for this you will see the purchase option with the note Interest List (Free). The amount 0.00 EUR without shipping costs is above the shopping cart. Simply place the item in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. After the free entry on the Interest List, you will receive an additional email from us with an interest number. If the PreOrder is officially opened at a later date, you will receive an email from us.
    Shipping, orders and payment.
After receipt of the invoice amount, shipping will be effected within the next 1-2 business days. We can find the shipping costs for each country under Shipping & Payment Options for statues in size individually and differ in class A or B. Changes to these costs are reserved as they are dependent on the quantity and the weight. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. The delivery itself is in every EU country 3 days.

Payment of PreOrders - Deposit:
We will send you an e-mail with all invoice information for the immediate payment of just the deposit with a bank transfer or PayPal.

Payment of PreOrders - Full Payment:
We will send you an e-mail with all invoice information for the immediate payment of the Full Payment ( 10% Discount ) with a bank transfer or PayPal.

Payment of PreOrders - Coming soon:
PreOrders which will arrive soon in our warehouse are paid shortly before the goods receipt. So we can ensure an immediate dispatch after receipt. There are two options available with a bank transfer or PayPal. In both cases, you will be informed of the date and the invoice information.

Payment of items In Stock:
Items with immediate availability must be paid after receipt of the invoice information. There are two options available with a bank transfer or PayPal.