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  We are proud to announce the next step for the european XM Studios fans. This November from 1st to 5th will be the first exhibition from XM Studios Premiunm Collectibles in europe. The Lucca Comics & Games in Italy is the main European festival dedicated to comics, games, cinema and video games. Cross media show par excellence that since 1966 celebrates pop culture. GHeroes as the XM Studios Official EU Master Distributor planned together with XM Studios Premium Collectibles that  this is the right place to visit europe for the first time and present their statues to the european collectors. With nearly 500,000 total visitors, over 40,000 square meters of exhibition space, 20 exhibitions, more than 500 events between authors and publishers, shows and concerts, is a must-see for enthusiasts of all possible worlds. Lucca Comics & Games takes place in the historic center of the ancient city of Lucca, a delightful city full of art and history in the heart of Tuscany.

If you visit the Lucca Comics and Games this year you can meet the XM Studios staff with Seng Ang and Bryan Tan. Now the big cherry for you guys. This is an event and XM is part of it. You know what it means..... you can Pre-Order the XM Hulkbuster at Lucca 2017! The event is open from Wednesday, November 1st to Sunday, November 5th. Daily 9.00 - 19.00 and saturday until 20.00. We wish you all a lot of fun.

Seng Ang - XM Studios
As Creative Director, my task is to make sure our designs are always fresh and unique. Like the Rising Sun line and our first Batman. Have a balance between staying different from the rest of Batman and yet still maintaining the spirit an psyche of Batman.

XM Studios Premium Collectibles
XM™ is an award-winning producer of hand crafted luxury art collectibles. Sourcing only the finest artisans, experienced sculptors, renowned painters with contributions from the most discerning collector communities, XM endeavours to create only the most outstanding original work of art.

Bryan Tan - XM Studios
As Executive Producer, i help to manage business aspects, including contracts, viability of the products, strategy as well as participate in the community and act as the bridge and spokesperson between XM and collectors.
XM Studios Showroom

  XM Studios fans in europe have waited for this moment to see XM at an event and you will not be disappointed. See him in person and Pre-Order the Convention Exclusive - XM Hulkbuster 1/4 Statue right here at the Lucca 2017! That´s a great news for the european collectors, but it goes better. Showed at STGCC 2017 and also ready for Pre-Order is the new Conevntion Exclusive - XM Hulk Transformation 1/4 Statue! Also XM Studios will show you the XM Sentinel 1/6 Diorama, that´s an really huge piece. You love Magneto and the X-Men, then you will like to see the new Exclusive - XM Dark Phoenix 1/4 Statue, the XM White Magneto 1/4 Statue and the XM Weapon X 1/4 Statue. But that´s not all my collector friends. Beside the mentioned statues we expect to see more Premium Collectibles statues.

From the Spider-Man line the heroe himself XM Spider-Man 1/4 Statue. His villains are strong with XM Dr Octopus 1/4 Statue, XM Sandman 1/4 Statue, XM Kraven 1/4 Statue, XM Mysterio 1/4 Statue, XM Lizard 1/4 Statue and the XM Vulture 1/4 Statue. With Marvel there must be DC, too. From the popular and high creative "Knight of the Rising Sun" line XM Samurai Batman 1/4 Statue, XM Catwoman 1/4 Statue, XM Joker 1/4 Statue, XM Batgirl 1/4 Statue, XM Poison Ivy 1/4 Statue and XM Bane 1/4 Statue. Let us close this with the XM Magdalena 1/4 Statue from Top Cow and the XM Red Power Ranger from Saban. Pictures will be always updated if we received new ones.

Please not this is a temporary list.
(Picture credit to PixelPerfect and KrisBales)
XM Studios Artprints

  If you come to the Lucca Comics & Games 2017 next month you can expect more from us as just statues. We have some amazing artprints with us for our european fans at Lucca 2017. High quality artwork from Studio HIVE done by Skan Srisuwan himself. Artprints from the new Hulkbuster, Batman Samurai, Magneto, Iron Man Classic and the Ghost Rider are waiting for you in an beautiful A3 size.

The artprint distribution at Lucca 2017 will be the following. With a PreOrder at Lucca you will receive automatically an Hulkbuster and Batman artprint. The artprints from Magneto, Iron Man Classic and Ghost Rider will be distributed over the whole days from the event and limited.

Note: Both Lucca and GHeroes logos are not on the artprints.
XM Studios PreOrder List and Order Form

We present you the Lucca Comics & Games 2017 Convention PreOrder List and Order Form. We will have both documents directly at our booth at Lucca, but you can download the Full DIN A4 PDF version right here if you want to print it earlier for yourself. We'll see you at the convention!

Download: Lucca 2017 PreOrder List - Full DIN A4 PDF Version
Download: Lucca 2017 Order Form - Full DIN A4 PDF Version
XM Studios Lucca 2017 Map

The Lucca Comics & Games 2017 in italy from 1st to 5th November is an big event with many indoor and outdoor booth, surrounded by other shows and more. To find our XM Studios booth at Lucca 2017 we have for you a map. You can download the high resulution version with more information from Lucca 2017 right here. Visit us at the Piazza San Francesco, you are welcome here!

Download: Map Lucca 2017 - High Resolution 3000 x 2105 Version

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Invite from Bryan Tan to Lucca 2017

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