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We opened up our GHeroes Showroom for collectors in order for them to view and enjoy XM Studios statues. Today GHeroes as the XM Studios Official EU Master Distributor would like to announce the arrival of our new EU-Premier Statues, first shown in person! You can also simply save shipping costs by buying statues which are in stock.Have a seat and the time to experience the unique of the XM Studios statue universe. Your are welcome in germany and happy collecting.

For the safety regulations and to avoid overcrowding, please contact us under Tel: + 49 (0) 711/ 782 725 – 84 or before your attendance in order to set up a viewing period for you. Please understand that it work by appointment only. Thank you and we are looking forward to see you there!

XM Studios - Handcrafted Luxury Collectibles
Our pieces are crafted and painted painstakingly one at a time by experienced hands not machines. These artisans are carefully selected, trained to exact standards by the XM founders constantly. We respect and pay artisans accordingly because our collectors deserves artisan pieces, not cost-effective factory mass produced products. That’s why a XM piece holds its value well.

XM Studios - Premium Collectibles
XM™ is an award-winning producer of hand crafted luxury art collectibles. Sourcing only the finest artisans, experienced sculptors, renowned painters with contributions from the most discerning collector communities, XM endeavours to create only the most outstanding original work of art. We strive to perfect the most important element - the collecting experience itself.

XM Studios - Designed to Inspire
Thick and sturdy faux leather packaging with protective metal corners. Hassle-free Velcro straps for easy and reusable handling. Individually serial coded pieces that you can call your own. Display centerpieces that tell a story and emotion. Importantly, we are inspired by the collectors community; our work shaped by the collaborative voice of collectors. A XM piece is more than a collectible, it’s art.
Showroom Statues

  The showroom has for you a nice mixture from XM Studios statues out of the past, current and future releases. We are sure you will find something interesting for yourself! We have for you always new EU-Premier Statues, first shown in person! We start with Top Cow and two beautiful woman. The XM Aphrodite IX 1/4 Statue. She is both anachronism and advanced technology in a world that she no longer recognizes. To survive in this future, she must choose sides in a war that she wants no part in. XM Angelus 1/4 Statue is the equal and opposite force of The Darkness. She is one of two primal forces of the universe, and being the embodiment and ruler of the Light. From the Neo-Apocalypse world we show you the Four Horsemen. With XM Four Horseman War 1/4 Statue, XM Four Horseman Pestilence 1/4 StatueXM Four Horseman Famine 1/4 Statue and XM Four Horseman Death 1/4 Statue. Serve as effigies of destruction and vengeance. the symbols of an uprising that continue to scour the earth. With DC comes a heroe and his villains. Superman is a guiding light and the embodiment of hope to all – even against insurmountable odds on the XM Superman Justice - Colour 1/6 Diorama!

For Marvel you can take a look at the huge XM Hulkbuster 1/4 Statue and the powerful handsculpted XM Red Hulk 1/4 Statue. He is the justice knight of vengeance, XM Moonknight 1/4 Statue. Two strong woman form our X-Men line are XM Dark Phoenix 1/4 Statue and XM Storm 1/4 Statue. A very rare statue and a spiderman villain, the XM Scorpion 1/4 Statue. You think that was everything for the Showroom?

We have a few more pieces for our DC collectors. From the Samurai line comes XM Nightwing Samurai 1/4 Statue and XM Robin Samurai 1/4 Statue.  The villain for Batman. his direct opponent XM Joker Orochi Samurai 1/4 Statue. Sourounded by the beautiful XM Poison Ivy Samurai 1/4 Statue and XM Catwoman Samurai 1/4 Statue. If you love the DC Rebirth 1/6 line, here we go. You can see the XM Black Adam 1/6 Statue, XM Shazam 1/6 Statue, XM Deathstroke 1/6 Statue, XM Jessica Cruz 1/6 Statue, XM Catwoman 1/6 Statue, XM Lobo 1/6 Statue and XM Wonder Woman 1/6 Statue. Enough? See also the new amazing XM Wonder Woman Courage - Colour 1/6 Diorama, XM JLA vs Darkseid (Faux Bronze) 1/6 Diorama and XM Batman Sanity Smoke 1/6 Diorama.


We finish our presentation with the XM I Divine Iron Maiden - Eddie 1/4 Statue in collaboration with XM Studios and Divine. Also with the XM Alien Warrior and XM Predator Warrior Supreme Scale Statues! We wish you all a lot of fun with us in germany. You are welcome here and Happy Collecting!

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